Your international Letter of Credit Advising bank cannot help or advise you how to manage your Credit to make sure you get paid. What is Documentary Letter of Credit Management “Manage” (verb) 1. to direct, control, or handle. 2. Wise use of means to accomplish an end. As in getting paid. It is your money. It is your responsible to direct, control, and handle the transaction. Not the bank’s, not the freight forwarder’s, and not the buyer’s. Begin During the Sales The management of Documentary Letters of Credit begins at the beginning of the sales process. The sales negotiation must contain the terms and conditionsRead More →

The Global Business Model is a standard business system for international trade transactions available on the Internet at no cost for use by buyers and sellers. The Global Business Model© – GBM The Global Business Model© is a standardized method of business forms and procedures for buyers and sellers that leads to good Documentary Letters of Credit. Its benefit is the reduced cost and complexity of International transactions. The GBM was first written, published and copyrighted in 1997. The GMB and its interactive forms are on the Internet at, and is available free of charge for use by sellers and buyers. The Need forRead More →

Advising bank’s Letter of Credit notification letters carrier a disclaimer, that if you can’t comply with its terms, you are responsible to have it amended. The Advising Bank’s Disclaimer “If you are unable to strictly comply with it’s terms, please communicate directly with the Applicant to have the Credit amended”, singed your Advising bank. The Advising Bank’s Dilemma Advising banks play many roles in a typical Letter of Credit trade transaction, to include; advisor, examiner, negotiator, paying bank, and consultant. In most transactions they are between the issuing bank and the beneficiary, and have fiduciary responsibilities to both. For this reason they do not sideRead More →

Internet technology provides international trade new tools to overcome the legendary frustrations with Documentary Letter of Credit delays, discrepancies, and risk. What is a Letter of Credit? The world’s standard for reliable payment is the Documentary Letter of Credit. The International Chamber of Commerce defines a Letter of Credit by its Publication No.500, Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, Revised January 1993. Better known as “the UCP 500”. The UCP 500 is not a law, nor even a rigorous procedure, but rather a guideline used by over 200 countries and their thousands of banks to facilitate trade and payments thorough Letters of Credit. TheRead More →